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Replacement cushions in Los Angeles

That cameo back love seat has been in your family for generations, and lately, it's showing its age. You have the skill and the motivation to restore it yourself, but where on Earth are you going to find the decorative nailheads and jacquard fabric you need to do the job right? You'll find them at the corner of 3rd and Washington, right here in Los Angeles, California at M & L Upholstery Supply Store!

Make a soft landing

Astronomers say that space is full of black holes. Right now, you have one forming on your favorite easy chair. All it needs is a new cushion, yet you've called upholstery supply stores all over town and they don't carry them. M & L Upholstery Supply Store to the rescue! You'll find replacement cushions of all sizes, or we can custom cut one for you. Call or stop by our store in Los Angeles, California today.

Top of the line, across the board

At M & L Upholstery Supply Store, we've been doing upholstery restoration for many years. We've tried just about every product on the market, so we know which ones are the real deal and which ones are just phoning it in. Among our favorite brands are D.A.D.S. decorative nailheads and Dantec spray glue. Visit our showroom at the corner of 3rd and Washington to see all of our products. 

A family tradition of service  

For many years, M & L Upholstery Supply Store has been helping people keep their furniture where it belongs: in their living rooms and out of the landfill. Whether the item you're restoring is an antique or a contemporary piece, you'll find beautiful, durable fabrics, legs and bases, heavy duty scissors, tack hammers, webbing stretchers and much more. We're the only upholstery supply store you'll ever need!
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